It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Netflixmas: The Best Christmances On Netflix

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Hello, it’s me, your friendly neighbourhood Christmance pusher. If you’re not sick yet of all the cheesy Christmas film love that’s filling the internet right now, then you’ve come to the right place, because here I am about to drop some sweet Christmas loving that you can watch right now. And the season hasn’t officially begun yet!

The fight to number one no longer belongs to the music charts since Netflix waded into the game in 2017, delivering us with some true Christmance crackers. 2019 sets to be another big year for them, and if you want to see the full line up, you can check out the announcement here. However if you’re already sick of pumpkin spice lattes and just want to play Christmas carols without someone screaming, “It’s October!” then never fear. Just because Netflix isn’t dropping this year’s festive offerings to the Christmance Gods until next month (which is only really weeks away), doesn’t mean you can’t get into the Christmance right now. Like I have been doing. Since September. Here are some of my favourites to watch while you wait for Netflixmas to begin!*

A Dog Walker Christmas Tale | Trailer

A spoiled college student, Lucy, walks a developer’s dog and is delighted when she sees he plans to build a salon over a nearby dog park. When she meets a handsome dog walker at the park, she tries to put aside her selfish ways to help him save the park. This flick proves that Mean Girls definitely was a career defining platform for some, with Jonathan Bennett, aka Aaron Samuels, picking up the slack in what could have been a truly awful film (but wasn’t). 

Once Upon A Holiday | Trailer

One of my all time favourites, Once Upon A Holiday brings those Roman Holiday vibes to Christmas with all the trimmings. A princess visiting New York during Christmas escapes her royal entourage to experience the city. She is saved from muggers by a handsome man, and romance blooms when he shows her his side of the city.

A Wish For Christmas | Trailer

Ever wondered where Gretchen from Mean Girls ended up? Lacey Chabert has become a superstar in her own right and is considered one of Hallmark’s leading ladies. Sara prefers to be on the sidelines at work until someone steals her big idea for a Christmas initiative. She makes a wish to Santa to gain the courage to stand up for herself, and he gives her 48 hours to discover how to speak her own mind. A Wish For Christmas is the epitome of Hallmark – big city girl trying to make her way in the world, stoic unfeeling boss, a cute country town and a magical Santa. What more could you want?!

The Spirit of Christmas | Trailer

If you’re a newcomer to Christmances, you’ll soon realise that there’s two kinds of terrible. The first is just that; the plain god-awful kind that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy, unless you need a form of torture. The second is the kind like The Spirit of Christmas – bizarre plot lines that become somewhat endearing by the time you’ve wasted an hour and a half. A young lawyer  finds romance with a spirit that takes the form of a human 12 days before Christmas. You’ll come out of the experience with so many questions which leads us to wonder – will there ever be a sequel?!

The Christmas Prince | Trailer

No binge is complete without watching the actual atrocity that is Netflix’s first (and on the mark) attempt at bringing Christmances to the rest of the masses who haven’t yet discovered Hallmark and Lifetime. So terrible you can’t possibly turn away, The Christmas Prince finds an aspiring young journalist sent abroad to get the scoop on a dashing prince who’s poised to be king. What comes next is a Royal wedding, and this year’s offering: a Royal baby!


Which Christmances are your favourite? Give me recommendations in the comments!

*Showing on Netflix ANZ, may vary country to country


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  • I couldn’t get through The Christmas Prince when it was first released – but I might have to give it another try this year! Adding the others to my watch-list!