Aussie Readers + Bloggers Secret Santa 2019

Hello everyone!

It’s no secret that this time of year is my absolute favourite. In the spirit of all things Christmas, I thought it would be lovely to host an Aussie Secret Santa, for readers and bloggers alike! We have such a wonderful reading community here in Australia, and what a better way to celebrate and connect with others that than by sharing the best of gifts – books!

Anyone can join in – bookstagrammers, bloggers, readers, booktubers, book twitterers – as long as you’re Australian or NZ based.

How does it work?

A Secret Santa is basically where everyone who is involved gets assigned someone who is participating and buys them a bookish gift from their wish list. The best part is you’ll also be receiving a gift from your Secret Santa – so it’s fun for everyone involved!

  1. Sign up using the Google Form here.
  2. Select up to five (5) books from your wishlist to the value of AUD$20 each to list in the form. Alternatively, create a Goodreads shelf labelled ‘ABRSecretSanta’ and provide the link in the form.
  3. If you prefer e-books rather than physical books, please make sure to select this option. It is your Secret Santa’s duty to make sure they purchase AUD$20 worth of e-books.
  4. Once sign ups close (Saturday, 23 November 2019), you will receive your Secret Santa match shortly after.
  5. Select ONE (1) book from their wishlist to send
  6. Receive a bookish gift from your Secret Santa in return!
  7. Share on social media using the hashtag #ARBSecretSanta19

Sign ups close Friday, 22 November 11:59pm AEST

Your Secret Santa matches will be generated and sent to you between Saturday, 23 November and Sunday, 24 November, and the gift exchange period will run between Monday, 24 November – Wednesday 25 December 2019.

Because we all know what Christmas shipping + delivery is like to Australia and New Zealand, I’m going to keep things pretty tight to allow people to have enough time for shipping. Sign ups will close without exception by Friday, 22 November 2019 – unless you catch me before I am generating the names on Saturday so feel free to reach out to me across my social channels if needs be!

Okay, serious FAQ time.

Hannah, can I send my bookish gift direct to my Secret Santa?

Of course! While it is nice to make things as festive as possible with lovely wrapped presents and keep the Secret Santa theme going, it’s understandable at this time of year if you cannot afford to do so. Feel free to send your bookish gift to the mailer direct – but make sure to label it as a gift if you can, and don’t forget to send your Secret Santa a lovely message if you know it’s been delivered!

Hannah, what if I don’t receive my bookish gift?

Please make sure you are committed to sending a book out to your match. It’s no fun if people take advantage of the goodness of others!

Secondly, please make sure you have a tracking number available to pass over if required. If mailing direct through Australia Post (or NZ equivalent), please try and send via a prepaid satchel so you have access to tracking details

If you are unable to send out before December 17, which is the regular mail cut off date for Australia Post, please contact me and let me know. Please also allow plenty of time for your gift to arrive – if by Monday, 23 December you are still yet to receive your gift, please contact me.

The more people that join, the merrier the fun, so don’t forget to share this across Twitter, Instagram and everywhere else to encourage everyone to participate and enjoy the bookish love!


Author: Hannah Elizabeth

Hannah is a thirty-something from Australia who works in publishing. A major book nerd (surprise), She love to travel, binging TV shows, meet cutes & cheesy romances, and really bad puns. Perpetually writing that first draft..

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