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Is anyone else looking around wondering how we’ve already reached the end of January, but the month seemed to drag on? I know I am; it seems like one thing after another this month, but hurrah, we’ve hit February! Now 2020 can really start.

Life has been incredibly busy lately, and it seems like I’ve not had a moment to stop. You may have heard about the recent bushfire crisis that has engulfed Australia, and is still ongoing. While I’ve not been personally affected, it’s still stressful; smoky, hazy days are making us complacent in a ‘new normal and the summer heat is more relentless and humid than I ever remember it being. I’m feeling restless and slightly trapped, trying to get on top of settling into a new job and balancing all those things we have to do as an adult.

There have been some bright sparks over the past month. My mother came to visit from WA, and we had a lovely week exploring the city, sobbing over the Little Women movie and taking some time out to read. On the downside I did fall over (there’s a story!!) and grazed my knee pretty badly, and our exploring was cut short when we both fell sick with gastro.

I also went to the Lifeline Book Fair in Chatswood. It was massive!! Books – and people – were everywhere. It was an extremely hot day, but well worth it, as I caught up with some wonderful Sydney based Bookstagrammers for the first time, and after we trawled through the rows and rows of books, we went out for brunch and had some fantastic bookish chat and lots of laughs. I’m currently on a tight budget, but was very controlled and only bought $31 worth of books; and all ones that I needed to replace/add to my shelves (except for two!). I can’t wait for the next one – I’ll definitely be preparing better for a bigger haul!

Coming up this month, I’m looking forward to meeting Jack Whitehall and exploring Newcastle. I’m also hoping to get down to Wollongong to visit some friends. It’ll be a rather quiet month – hopefully!






I’m still without internet at home, so it’s been a quiet month of not really watching anything. I spent a week cat sitting, so I was able to do some binging, which was really nice!



I saw Little Women (twice!) in the cinemas, and absolutely loved it – with some minor niggles, and a new found appreciation for Amy. Still not on board with the Timothee Chalamet bandwagon though; I thought he was a terrible Laurie.

Cats was…an experience, for want of a better word, but I still had a ball? I’m still so surprised at how little mainstream the musical is, considering it’s one of the longest ever on both Broadway and the West End yet nobody seemed prepared for any of it…Still, if you love the musical and the songs, you’ll have a pretty decent time – just don’t expect anything awe-inspiring.

The Keeper was a lovely surprise my mum and I discovered on iTunes, set in post-war Britain when a German prisoner of war’s goalkeeper talents are discovered, taking him from a POW camp to a local football pitch to the grounds of Wembley. It’s based on a true story, and really well done.

I watched season one of Succession and wow, I am OBSESSED. I first heard about this TV show after lots of people were talking about the season two finale, so I had to get my hands on it. Centred on an ultra-wealthy and dysfunctional family who owns one of the largest media & entertainment conglomerates in the US when their patriarch begins to step back, it’s an interesting take on how the media influences our every day, as well as who gets to decide what stories to tell.

Recently, I discovered sød ven, a wonderfully atmospheric and haunting artist whose music is just divine. Comatose was a track on the Netflix show Virgin River (watch it!!!), and I’ve fallen in love with his music ever since.


This month I read nine books, which is a really good start to a year where I’m trying to teach myself not to count how many books I’m aiming to read, but rather just reading (I call it #readthoughtfully). And it’s wonderful. Even though my Netgalley & Edelweiss cue is building up, I’m still just picking up books rather than trying to force myself to read with restrictions.


The Girl’s Weekend by Jody Gehrman (Crooked Lane Books) ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Lost Summers of Driftwood by Vanessa McCausland (Harpercollins Australia)

For The Sake of a Scottish Rake by Anna Bradley (Kensington Books)

Ember Queen (Ash Princess #3) by Laura Sebastian (Pan Australia)

The River Home by Hannah Richell (Hachette Australia)


More or Less a Countess by Anna Bradley

The Cattleman’s English Rose by Barbara Hannay

The Distant Hills by Lucy Walker

Reaching For The Stars by Lucy Walker


* * *


Author: Hannah Elizabeth

Hannah is a thirty-something from Australia who works in publishing. A major book nerd (surprise), She love to travel, binging TV shows, meet cutes & cheesy romances, and really bad puns. Perpetually writing that first draft..

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